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Brand Journey

Adyaway is a purpose driven boutique lifestyle brand for the conscious you, seeking mindful living experiences. With the belief of creating a balance, Adyaway offers a unique blend of traditionalism and modernity, serving choices to exquisitely coexist with nature and our soul. Lost in our ways in this fast paced world, Adyaway guides and empowers to make conscious consumption choices, and endure the true essence of soulful living. Integrating this ideology, we make continuous efforts to innovate wholesome experiences that take you back to our beginnings, where we all started.

Founder's Story

Adyaway is a possibility, not just a brand. A possibility for everyone to explore and contribute. As a curious kid, who wanted to learn, travel and explore, my interactive journey as an entrepreneur started at a young age. Moving from Bihar to Lucknow and later living in Delhi for education, I experienced various different locales and cultures while travelling across the country, this helped me to shape my perspectives and knowledge. I saw two extremes of life, making me question my entire journey. This holistic learning experience gave me several opportunities to interact with the finest people coming from different backgrounds. I firmly believe whatever I have learnt in life is from the experiences I have lived, the people I’ve met, and the places I've travelled to Vipassana and daily practice of meditation has also played a major role in shaping my character.
2020 offered me an opportunity to spend time alone with myself, and led me to closely connect myself with nature, in Kasar Devi, Uttarakhand. Various incidents and conversations during my stay there reminded me of sitting in front of my father’s bicycle as a kid and traveling daily to our land where I saw him thriving to deliver the best quality and most authentic produce, which he cultivated with utmost dedication. He wanted to grow the best harvest. My father is the first farmer I know! In my closer interaction with farmers I saw their hardwork and patience, but what amazed me the most was their selfless act of making a choice everyday to give back to nature. This experience made me believe whatever we receive in our lives, we owe it to nature and we must give back to it.
“Isn't it beautiful how our journey is parallel to the journey of a river or a road! We originate from nowhere, and disappear to be complete, but what remains with us is what we return on in this journey, we fight our way through the mountains, we rush through rough and smooth places and sometimes we remain calm and keep moving towards the ocean. But the only difference is, we are capable of making choices where we want to flow.” The vision of Adyaway relies on the belief and faith of making the right choices, being fair and giving back to nature.

Meet the Tribe


Music enthusiast, serial entrepreneur and the best intern to everyone at work! With his eyes that shine brighter than the sun, Keshav’s never ending search for the best way to live has got him to deliver conscious living experiences and sharing them with the world through Adyaway.

Keshav Kumar

Founder & CEO


A beautiful human being, Akshita loves dogs, sandy beaches and everything in between. She is driven by meaning in life and inspires everyone around her to excel. She is the pillerstone of perfection and compassion in the Adyaway family.

Akshita Kaur

Head of Brand


Creating kick ass business plans and talking till his lungs give out are two things that describe Manuj best! Often looking intense just thinking about business, Manuj is the best person to go for any advice about anything.

Manuj Gupta

Head of Strategy


An avid reader who finishes books within the blink of an eye, Nandini brings a wave of fresh ideas to our team. Her cheerful attitude and lively personality makes it a joy to be around her.

Nandini Kumar

Content Writer


Possessing a passion for adventure and harbouring a love for the hills, Heli’s adventurous spirit brings a sense of excitement to the team and keeps the atmosphere at work fresh and riveting.

Heli Trisal

Graphic Designer


With her passion for social media and all things digital, Ashleen brings in some super interesting communication topics for the brand. With a smile so bright, she is sure to radiate positivity wherever she goes.


Social Media